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Mean High Water Observations & Computations Course #8262 (6 General CEC)

Mean High Water Observations & Computations Course #8262 (6 General CEC)

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Approved for 6 Hours of Continuing Education Credit
FDACS BPSM Provider No. CE11 Course #8262

Mean High Water is recognized by the State of Florida as being the boundary between Sovereign Submerged Lands and private upland ownership. The proper method of determination and delineation of this boundary is of great importance. Florida Statute Chapter 177, Part II assigns the responsibility for “the determination of the location of the mean high-water line or the mean low-water line must be performed by qualified personnel licensed by the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers…” (Chapter 177.36, F.S.)

Instruction will be given on the installation of tide gauges and taking observations. Topics will include selection of the staff location, staff construction, and types of staffs and gauges, selecting the time for observations, observation techniques, determining the datum using various study methods, setting benchmarks and marking the datum on the project site.


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Provider No. CE11

Course #8262