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Ethics for the Design Professional Course #8621 (6 General CEC)

Ethics for the Design Professional Course #8621 (6 General CEC)

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Approved for 6 Hours of Continuing Education Credit
FDACS BPSM Provider No. CE11 Course #8621

This course is about the decisions that are made every day while running a professional design business such as engineering or surveying and mapping. It includes: explaining the public trust that every design professional has to uphold; discussing the expectation by the public for the design professional to be unbiased in the application of his/her knowledge and skills as a professional while performing his/her task. The design professional is also guided by the laws of Florida that were put in place for the protection of the public. There are court cases that have been decided and set precedents for the design professional to follow. Some of these laws and court cases are a direct result of a design professional who made an unethical decision while performing his/her professional tasks.


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Provider No. CE11

Course #8621